It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Hi ho, hi ho, over the hump I go, hmhmhmhmhmh, hi ho, hi ho.

I am ever so fucking slowly making my way through the midweek bullshit. I have been quite productive in some things. I think, maybe, yeah probably not haha.

Got woke very super early this morning and the weather here has yet again fucking shifted from snow to rain and now sunny and warmish. Yay for headaches. Such bullshit. Now that it is has dissipated I can see correctly, I mean with my glasses of course since I’m fucking blind without those.

Gawd I hope my new ones arrive soon, I have nearly busted these ones. They are barely fucking hanging on. Fell asleep with the shit on and bent them again. They no longer sit straight at all. Please let the bastards last.

My kids were good this morning! It was creepy and terrifying. I do love when they are nice n sweet in the mornings and I don’t have to lose my shit ever fucking minute but I always get a double dose of bullshit when they are done school. The count down is on to see. There’s less than an hour before the little shits return.

I finally had a few moments to book in with my doctor for my knee which continues to be a fucking bitch. I go tomorrow, praying that it isn’t damaged to the point of another surgery. I just wish I could get some relief from the damn thing. My daughter offered to chop it off and replace but apparently black market body parts are expensive. Isn’t fucking everything these days ugh.

I took a nice two hour nap, it was fucking heaven. I feel semi refreshed. At this point I’m realizing I really haven’t been productive haha. Fucking Wednesday making believe I was, oh well, it’s been a decent hump day so I’m ok with that shit.

Happy what the fuck Wednesday, hump day all. Hope yours has been decent at the very least. If not, I feel you, it’s time to hump the hump day back!

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