It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

I’m ready to get off this shit show of a hump day today. For real, fucking done! I’m officially exhausted.

I finally got to sit for thirty fucking minutes around quarter after two before getting kids from school. I haven’t had a day go so insane in some time and I hope it doesn’t happen again for some time.

My dog woke me every two hours last night, the final wake time at fpur-thirty, I already had to be up at five am, so stayed up. I could have tried to sleep and be tired or stay up and caffeinate. Caffeine for the fucking win.

Six-thirty rolls around time pick up my mom drive her to surgery, and be back before seven-thirty wake up for thw kids. Whew made it.

Make lunches take husband to work, eight a.m. get kids finished for school and to school. Well that was semi successful and somewhat on fucking time. NICE!

Ninety pick my mom up from surgery, get completely fucking lost in the building, finally find her, she needs medication. Sure why not? Not like I don’t have enough to do. Drive her home, get her settled inside.

Ten a.m, hit the paharmacy, drop off for later pick up. Ten-thirty pick up daughter for her sleep consult appointment, got there, alright. Then I had to climb three fucking flights of stairs cuz you know, no elevator, of course there isn’t a fucking elevator it’s Wednesday!

One-thirty back to pharmacy, pick up meds for drop off, get back into the car and slammed my fucking hair shut in the door. Pretty sure I’m missing a patch now. Fuck! Get my moms stuff dropped off at her house, pick up court papers cuz she’s now being sued, long story. Started reading court papers and will have to do a reply for court. Sure why not what the fuck Wednesday, just add some more shit! Who the fuck sues a sixty-eight year old woman on a pension anyway. I am not sure who’s more pissed about this me or my mother, probably me.

Then get the kids from school and I am not cooking tonight. Once kids were picked up I laid my ass down and just stopped. The minute I took my shoes off my foot was so swollen. Cuz on top of all this shit I had to do, I had to do it in a knee brace with a fucked up knee. Still waiting on test results.

I refuse to get off my ass and do anything at this point. I’m sore, miserable, tired and just want to sleep.

What the fuck Wednesday, seriously what the fuck!! I’m done, I surrender! White fucking flag up today.

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