It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

The hump is high and the engine power low. Like the little engine that could I’ll make my ass up the hill and over!

It started out okay, average day, got my ass up way too early, per usual. No reason at all and decided to caffeinate. Had a silent cup of coffee before waking all thw shitheads.

Surprisingly that also went okay. Youngest was in a decent mood. Older ones just get their own shit together.

I’ve realized why my kids are such smartass little creatures or at least part of the reason. Boy goes out, starts his truck and asks if I can watch it. Me being me I reapond with “Is it going to do tricks? Drive away on its own? Maybe disappear?” You know all the fun things that can’t happen in a five minute time span while he takes a pee. It was fun haha.

Then, then I checked the bills! Have you all checked your fucking bills lately? If not I don’t recommend doing it on a Wednesday. It will definitely make it a what the fuck day! I couldn’t believe my newest bills. Like holy fuck! How are people supposed to survive through this shit with bills like that!

Now I’m about to embark on cleaning the second half of my youngest boys room. We spent four hours on it yesterday and only made it three quarter’s the way. Unfortunately with his ailments he hoards! Not just a fucking little bit. He hoards everyfuckingthing. You name it, it’s in there! If anyone has suggestions to help with this I’m all ears.

I checked on my book stats today! Surprisingly they are not that bad! And what the fuck is that? Hitting in the top one hundred spots again in a couple categories! Not sure why people read the shit but I’m grateful as fuck!

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday! May your engine have enough steam to power through whatever shit it is!

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