The Needy Mother

It’s been a hot minute since I shared any previews of my writing, so here’s a preview of one of my short stories. To finish reading you can find it on amazon kindle or kindle unlimited.


Ally decides she has had enough! Her mother always needs something, a ride, food, doctors or chatting! Does she not realize I have my own fucking life to live, my own responsibilities, my own job to be done, why does she always need something Ally said inside head. As the end one long week passed and another began she just knew there was no end in site to the needs that her mother required her to fill. And she has another twenty years of the shit, that is longer than any of Allys’ kids take to grow up!


As I rolled over to shut my alarm off at 6:30 am Monday morning, eyes only partially opened, I saw it! The dreaded little text message bubble. I knew exactly who it was and thought it’s way too early for this shit!

“I haven’t even made my first coffee, done my meditation, or fully opened my eyes,” I mumbled to myself, as I rolled out of bed.

Ignoring the inevitable of that little message bubble, I began my day. Rolling thoughts in my head of, what the hell does she want now? How will I fit it into my day? How long is it going to take this time?

The thoughts alone were exhausting and had me wishing I could go back to bed, start my day over, and not see the notification. Half an hour later, I finally bit the bullet and read the text.

Mom: Good Morning, I hope you’re doing ok. I was wondering what your plans are today, as I have to get some groceries, go to the pharmacy, the dollar store and Walmart.

“Fuck, just fuck,” I bellowed out.

“Why in the hell does she need all that shit now? I just took her! Who the hell needs to go that often?” Biting the bullet, I replied.

Ally: Morning, I have to work until noon as soon as I get the kids to school, then pick them up by 3:20 pm, and head back to work until 11:00 pm today.

I always try to accommodate my mother, however these days it’s becoming too much. I had spent every damn day in the last week taking her from one end in the city to the other, for something she needed. I was done. I didn’t want to do it anymore, and had things of my own that required my attention.

Mom: Ok, can you take me at noon when you’ve finished work?

Is she kidding me, did she not just read that fucking text I sent her? I thought…….

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