It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

What the fuck? I didn’t even realize it’s Wednesday. It truly doesn’t feel like it. It’s been a slow ass hump day without the usual chaos.

Hhhmmm calm before the storm? That’s what I’m going with.

For the first time this week I actually got some fucking sleep last night. My knee has not been doing well at all. It’s been swollen really bad for four days now. Had to get groceries yesterday and it felt like my knee cap was going to pop off. It locked while driving (yup probably won’t be doing that much longer) so I sat in the car waiting for the pain and nausea from the pain to subside. It took a while.

I’m still waiting for the surgeon to call me with results and the plan of what to do with the fucking thing. I did cheat a bit to find out from my family doctor the just of it, which is damage to the cartilage again! Like how much fucking damage can that shit get before there’s none left? Ugh!

My kids were pretty decent this morning. Even the youngest was slightly better, he only yelled at me when I said his name as apparently it scares him every fucking time it’s said. I have been so happy to have my baby boy home from Manitoba. Missed that boy so much when he was gone.

My mental health has been in a better place most days. Struggling through it has been both fucking exhausting and rewarding at the same time. I have had to take time to become healthier. Physically and mentally. I am 10 days cigarette free and plugging through daily.

Yay for a decent what the fuck Wednesday! It’s been a while since the universe allowed one to be kind.

I want everyone to know I appreciate you all, your support, your love and being here through all my bullshit rants. You make my world a better place.

Happy what the fuck Wednesday, may your hump day roller-coaster ride be smooth.

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