I’m Still Alive HaHa

It’s been some crazy ass months leading up to where I am now. There’s no denying the rabbit hole I have spiraled through! It’s almost been a blur most days!

I had gone back to work not just to one job but two. I was working ten to twelve hour days at a full-time position in a veterinary office and holding a part-time position on weekends. This on top of seven kids! Fuck it was insane.

My body finally gave out after three months and I ended up sick and in bed for four days! That’s the most fucking sleep I’ve had in nearly twenty years! Two weeks later I was back at both jobs except it didn’t last long!

Youngest baby had a pediatrician follow up which did not go as planned. His health had struck a point where he can no longer be on the meds he was taking and we are having to start over while attempting to plump him up like a turkey.

With this I’ve had to drop my full-time job as I can not mentally, emotionally or physically do two jobs and transition him again. It’s a fucking twenty-four hour task. We’ve been down this fucking road before! And so far it’s going as expected, which is not well haha! Ugh!

So, I am now at home but still working part-time for the time being. Financially it’s going to suck ass but gotta do what I gotta do. However, with this has come some new opportunities to collaborate on a few projects that I’m soooo fucking excited about!

I am turning my So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok! Rants of a foul mouthed mom books into audio books!! I found the perfect voice and she actually sounds like me, crazy and fucking awesome! Watch for those!

I have a children’s book in illustration called Teacher Says. This is one of my proudest ever pieces! Inspired and dedicated to my boys who have ADHD. It’s a simple way of explaining how they react to things! No there’s no swears it’s a fucking kids book!

Last, but not least! I am working with a wonderful partner on a workbook design surrounding parenting disabilities. More details to come on this one! We are both over the fucking moon about it but I don’t want to share too much yet!!

It’s amazing how the universe aligns and throws you down when it’s time to change focus!

Thanking the universe for all that has happened and that is to come!

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