Tis The Season

It’s that time of fucking year where the chaos of what to buy everyone stresses me out to no end!

Where the lists are long and the money is tight. Wondering how to afford everything plus the regular shit of every day life!

Ugh fucking Christmas!

Likely one of the most commercial driven holidays of the year.

Don’t get me wrong now. I love the time with my kids and seeing their faces light up when things randomly appear under the tree with stockings filled of crap!

I just think somehow along the way of society it lost what it was really about!

This year there’s no electronics, no over priced items and we are back to the essentials of gifts! We will enjoy a large dinner that will take all fucking day to make and enjoy some movies or some shit.

Christmas doesn’t have to be big, fancy and overloaded with crap you’re just going to throw out in two months. Enjoy the small things!

It’s also the time I share my version of a classic poem!

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a thing made noise
Not even, old creaky floors
When all of sudden…..
Stoned, drunk and full…..
In comes santa from the party before!!
Flopping face first onto the couch
Saying please god, no more!
He looks over at his tree
Fuck he forgot his family!
The morning would suck
Going out to pick shit up
Hungover over as fuck
The alarm clock struck
He heard a high pitch beep
And rolled back over to sleep
But dammit, he cant!
Now where the fuck are his pants
Tripping as he ran out the door
He just had to find an open store
No coffee in hand
Thinking fuck this shit man!
Pushing and shoving in lines galore
All to please those who care no more
When does it end? When can he rest?
Maybe when under the tree has no room left!

Merry Fucking Christmas Everyone xoxox

Published by JN Supermom


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