Hellooooo 2022!

Here we are a new year and a new beginning! Where the fuck has another gone?

Although 2021 was not the greatest year. I actually felt semi accomplished by the last month of it. It helped that I wasn’t working two jobs though!

Anyway, since it’s been well over a hot minute. I’m throwing out some updates.

I collaborated on a workbook to support those with disabilities which is out now! Here

I found time to create a coloring oracle book. 45 Affirmations And Actions for kids! Here

I let loose three journals for anyone who likes to write! Here Here Here.

Volume 1 of So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok Rants of a foul mouthed mom turned into an audiobook! Here

Last! But not least book 3 in the So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok Rants of a foul mouthed mom is also done but for some reason kindle has decided to be a bunch of asshats and are now telling me my pen name JN Supermom is misleading and must be removed! Like what the fuck? I’ve had it for four years and never an issue until December 2021.

So while I continue to fight them here is a sneak peek of one from Volume 3

Licensed To Drive?

Who in the fucking government thought it was a good idea to license kids at the sweet young age of fourteen?
For real?
At that age, you’re fucking lucky if you have them trained to hit the toilet bowl approximately ninety percent of the fucking time.
Do they really know the responsibility of driving a vehicle on a road with other motorists?
Do they?
Probably fucking not!
But as a parent, you are going to teach them. Not just because you’re sick of driving their asses around but because they need to learn to become responsible drivers.
I am on number three child of teaching and let me fucking tell you it does not get any easier.
Or less fucking stressful with the amount that you teach.
They all start from scratch; they all have their quirks and they all can terrify the shit out of you in the process.
The oldest boy had a fucking lead foot, the second boy had a light foot to the point he was under the limit and the first daughter I am teaching now suffers from anxiety!
She is good just very scared and that’s ok as she learns it will get easier!
What it doesn’t get easier on are my nerves!!
I tell you those things are running mother fucking low over the years of kids.
You will have….
Brakes slammed! Head hits the dashboard!
Whiplash! Head thrown back from gas pedal use!
Yell! As they don’t slow soon enough!
Rubber Arms! Reaching to grab the wheel and correct before they hit a parked car!
Leg cramps! As you brace for impact on a curb!
White knuckles! Hang tight to the holy shit handle!
And you will do this, all this, and still, continue to teach them.
You might wonder why you will.
You might make excuses for one or two days just to avoid it.
But in the end, you will.
And when they walk back from that test saying they passed and are licensed, you know it was worth it.
Every heart-wrenching, cringing moment of teaching them paid off!
You feel an accomplishment like no other and then you will worry like a mother fucker every dam time they get behind the wheel without you!
There’s really no winning!
But you can rest easy knowing you taught them and taught them well.
Good job!

Words of wisdom
No holy shit handles?
Install them!

Happy New Year. 2022 has shit in the works and hopefully it’s a great experience all around!

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