It’s Fuck It Friday!

Wellll hello to another week over! Thanking the universe for that shit!

The weather has been absofuckinlutely shit freezing, like living in a deep freezer for over a week! It’s so cold the poor dogs go to take a shit and it freezes to their ass as it’s coming out! Fuck it I am hibernating until next week!

The kids have been home an extra week as schools decided to not start until the tenth and I’m fucking exhausted! I’ve also got warning that they may flip to online learning which in my house means no learning cuz fuck it I’m not a fucking teacher!

My husband is to embark tomorrow on a new job! I am so fucking excited for him but I’m also terrified. He will be working out of town which means just me and the monsters to our own demises for lengths of time. For years he’s been here daily and the only thing I can say is fuck it, going to figure shit out!

Lately I’ve been wondering if it’s all for naught! By that I mean the whole writing, marketing, promoting cuz you know let’s be honest who wants to listen to a mom bitch about kids and the shit they do? Then I go through all the lovely reviews that some have left and fuck it, there’s just no way I can stop! Sorry not sorry to the internet.

2022 is bringing on a whole new fucking world this year! Fuck it! I’m just going to ride the bitch like I’m a pro surfer.

It’s still early in the morning and the fuck it list has a good chance of adding in fuck it I need a nap! Fuck it the laundry can wait! And fuck it I think I’ll write some new shit to throw out into the universe! But first fuck it I’m up and I need coffee which you can find some fanfuckintastic ones on this beauty blog Beauty of Cafe 205

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