It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well well, if it isn’t the most unfun day of the week! This ones got a real what the fuck feel to it too!

My house has gone two years! Yes two years covid free! It was something that I was pretty proud of. Well as of today the universe threw that out the window with what the fuck the ten year old tested positive!

Yes in a house of seven kids it was what the fuck nobody has it yet then boom! The poor boy is achy, headache and just overall blah! He is in quarantine in his room and gets waited on hand and got by mama! He’s so lucky that way!

Youngest boy went and got himself suspended from school Monday and the best solution was that upon his return he would attend half days! His new meds really don’t allow him to attend full days. Well what the fuck now he’s home too until the ninth of February! This strain is super contagious so just waiting for him to catch the shit!

Stepson went to arrive this morning, had to tell him not to come in, went out to chat with his mom about the situation and of course I did a what the fuck moment walked out barefoot and no jacket, it’s still fucking winter. It was decided he’s best to stay with her until negative tests come!

What the fuck! I’m having to kick the husband out of the house without return until further notice as he really has to work being the only income right now. So yup just me and kids and covid!

Ahhhh yes good old what the fuck Wednesday! I see you’ve returned with a vengeance this week!

What the fuck Wednesday we were doing so good!

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