It’s Fuck It Friday!

Well it’s been a little while since my weeks have felt long enough to say fuck it at the end! Life has been really great!

So many exciting new things have come my way and many more life changing things to come!

But today? FUCK IT!!!

Covid has entered my house after two years of being able to avoid it and it sucks balls! Not in the fun way!

Husband got a new job working out of town and is unable to return until the house is clear! Which I’m no fucking math whiz but by my calculations and how slow it seems to be passing to each kid it will be fucking mid March before he’s able to enter here! So fuck it! I’m taking up online shopping and crafts to get through the next few weeks!

My house is and has been in complete disarray since the kids have been on quarantine at home which has been just over a week. Yesterday I cleaned my floors and low and fucking behold they are already dirty! I’m not sure what is sitting on the floor in the downstairs bathroom but fuck it! It can stay there since today I feel like shit.

I’m sure I should be more productive than I have been but honestly I don’t want to be. I have been however spending each day promoting and sharing the new workbook Parent’s Survival Guide- Keeping Your Sh*t Together A Workbook to Help Organize the Chaos Through Diagnosis but today fuck it! I will be placing my ass on the couch for the day and taking a break!

Ohhh Fuck It Friday! Thanking you for coming today so I can just drop shit I have no intentions of doing but really should.

I have no shame.

What’s on your fuck it list? Throw it in the fuck it bucket today and breathe!

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