It’s Fuck It Friday!

Well holy hell in a fucking hand basket. If things could go wrong this week, they did, if they didn’t go wrong well there’s still a chance!

The photo may be slightly dramatized for effect but for real….

We have not had heat in our house since Wednesday yup that was a what fuck day too. We are in the process of trying to get our piece of shit twenty year old furnace replaced and holy what a process. Also super expensive. We have space heaters in every room and our breaker box keeps blowing! So fuck it! I am going to curl up in blankets with a heat pad. So over winter!

My son is still struggling immensely with school and things seem to be only getting worse with his behavior! So I’ve had to say fuck it and really evaluate what is going to best for him and have placed a call with his pediatrician to discuss options.

I have been working extremely hard to promotoe my collaborative project Parent’s Survival Guide-Keeping Your Sh*t Together A Workbook to Help Organize the Chaos Through Diagnosis and I am so proud of the progress I have made and continue to make with it but with everything else happening I’m exhausted. So… you guessed it! Fuck it, the hubby is home for the weekend and I’m going to take a break from that.

Fuck It Friday is so good for the sole. Cleansing out all the things I need to and avoid the things I should do.

Ever made a fuck it list? No? Well you should! Drop yours below. Have a wonderful weekend.

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