Fuck It Friday!

Ooohhhh, it is my favorite day of the long ass week! Fuck it Friday.

The kids have been absolute gems all week, everything went perfectly, you worked, you cleaned, you cooked, oh my gawd, who the fuck am I trying to lie to? It was shit none of that really happened! But………

Wahoo! you all survived the chaos of the days before, it is Friday the sun is fucking shining, birds are chirping and the day has only begun. I am two coffees in and the kids are still in a state of slumber, man Friday is great.

So what does fuck it Friday mean? Well it means fuck it!

That’s right all those things you think you have to do fuck it.

Laundry piled up?, fuck it. Dishes need to be washed?, fuck it. Kids are trying to beat each other?, fuck it (for real, let them figure out how to deal with their own shit, we are not gonna be here forever.)

Want to binge Netflix?, fuck yeah, do it! Want to take a nap?, that is the absolute fucking best, lay your ass down, you deserve it. Want to pour that drink or crack that beer at one o’clock in the beaming sun?, shit it is always five o’clock somewhere, do it! Don’t want to cook?, no worries teach the kids, it’s about time their ass’s learn how or order in, both fantastic options on a Friday!

Today, all those are my Fuck it Friday list, I have no shame in it either! I work hard to take one day a week and say Fuck it, to everything.

What’s on the docket for your Fuck it Friday?

Thursday’s Unpleasant Thoughts!

I just spent the last two hours listening to my mother talk about her preparation for death! How she is putting money away for this and that, the codes to access everything, the lay out of her will, and all that shit! As if she is going to fucking die any day soon. She is way too stubborn for that shit to happen.

But it got me thinking of when I found my dad passed away in his hospital bed, slumped off the edge, only feet from the nurses station and the shit that followed that dreadful fucking experience of loss. He had nothing. Nothing saved, nothing in order, nothing laid out and it was all left to us children to figure out what the fuck to do on our own.

These processes of life are less than fucking pleasant thoughts to have but in some strange way are so very necessary in ones life. Now how the fuck do you go about crap that you know must inevitably deal with but have no clue how to deal with? Well I don’t fucking know either so if anyone has any advice I would love some.

The only one thing I have ever put in place is life insurance to ensure my little shits do not have to break their banks worrying about how to cover the costs of my demise. That is it, I am not old, but over the last few years a lot of those I have grown up have been taken in untimely ways. I am also not very young anymore either, kind of just fucking stuck in the middle of life.

Maybe it is time to get my own shit together. It is bound to happen eventually, it is inevitable that we all must lay our asses to rest for good at some point.

Yup, that is Thursday’s Unpleasant Thoughts!

Maybe next week I will have something better to spew out of my fucking head. Or at least less dark and disturbing would be just great.

Then again maybe not!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Ah yes, it must be fucking Wednesday! Sun isn’t shining, kids are miserable, I am only two fucking coffees in and already I would love to go curl back up into bed!

WTF Wednesday is in full swing this week! How do I know? Well within this very short time of being up, waking my youngest made him absolutely fucking miserable, not a little miserable but to the core everything is pissing him off!

I had to wake him early to ensure he got his ADHD meds today, I could not handle another day of him sleeping in and it being too late for meds to be administered where he literally climbs the fucking walls. I mean literally!

Meds in, not without a fight he went to get himself cereal, not much milk left, which is a typical thing in my house. He however, is throwing a tantrum over it. He poured way too big of a bowl and me not wanting to waste food I went to dump some back in the box. Smart idea right? I thought so too but not so fucking much, yup its now filled with milk remnants, well fuck, there goes a brand new box of cereal.

Youngest all pissed off and impatient as he loves his shit a certain way, I had to send the oldest for milk, thank god for licensed children some days! But if that kid could just close the front door without my walls shaking that would be fucking great too!

Only two kids are up so far cannot wait for the others to open their eyes (insert serious amount of sarcasm here)

Milk arrived, poured and cereal served now equals an unhappy child as he says there is too many cheerios versus the amount of corn pops he poured. Five bites later he is full. (insert my eyes rolling to the back of my head)

Yup all that chaos for five fucking bites of food!

At least he is fed and slightly less miserable at the moment.

Seriously though………

WTF Wednesday WTF!!!!!

Learn More About Me

I recently did a wonderful little Q & A session with Indie Book Butler. Want to learn some little tidbits of random shit about me? You can do it here.

Book Review: Crayons and Chaos by Hayley Walsh

Honestly, I do not read a lot, I am too fucking tired, lazy and usually have no desire to immerse myself inside another persons writings. Especially while I am so damn busy writing my own shit.

However, with this lovely little read I could not help myself, yeah it still took me a few days to finish it but I am so glad I did.

As a step mother myself, I can absolutely sympathize with every snag of having to deal with another fucking person thinking you are an idiot and constantly needing to rearrange life on her dime. It sucks!

The putting yourself off, throwing your care aside and just doing what you need to do for the kids is a selfless act especially as a stepparent. Do not under any circumstances allow someone to try and tell you any fucking different.

Hayley lays out an honest look as a stepmom, all the self doubts, the struggles and the love that comes eventually by pushing through it all.

Yes, it accurately can take years to get them to show even the slightest amount of affection. Shit I am going on ten years now and my stepson barely says hi to me still, rarely says thank you and still is yet to ever hug me or say I love you!

Her trial and error of having kids is one any parent can definitely relate too and oh my did the clothes line story fucking kill me with laughter. I had to reread that shit a couple times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. That was good shit.

If you want to know that full dilemma of hers read the damn book.

This truly was such a wonderful read, I got some good laughs from it so anyone who is looking for a little extra to not feel so fucking alone please give it a try.

You can find Hayley’s inspiration behind her sweet little novella here (don’t be confused hit the literal word “here”)

I do not think you will regret it. So get it.

What a Whirlwind!

These last days and weeks have been absolutely fucking insane! My head is still spinning.

The out pour of support and love towards my creative vulgar ranting has been so much I think I have floated to cloud nine too many fucking times now to return.

Nervous as fuck I went and did a podcast which was both exhilarating and humbling! Hoping to gawd I do not end up sounding like a high and mighty know it all when I am so clearly not even close when it comes to being a parent.

But I want to give a shout out to Moments of Grace for having me on anyway. It was a great time with a deep and meaningful conversation about being parents. It will air later this year so keep an eye out.

Among all this shit above I have started a YouTube channel where every Saturday I do some randomly shitty video of me reading my crap I spew out! It’s awesome but not really, haha I have no shame in my writings. I am an honest person and write in an honest manner, this will never change.

Then there is the bullshit tasks of trying to educate my kids from home. In all honesty I am absolutely fucking failing at this! No not because I am sitting here writing this right now, but in general. There are reasons I never fucking home schooled my kids and every one of those reasons is definitely coming to light recently.

I am not a teacher, I don’t know how they do it actually, I have mass fucking respect for them and any other parent who can teach their own kids a good education! I am at your feet bowing honestly. I am not one of these parents and even though I left my job to do it, I still am struggling so bad with it and I am sure I am not the only one.

Thank fuck! As I feel some comfort in the fact I am not the only who is having a hard time.

Kudos to any and all taking it one day at time with all the schooling, working, being at home twenty-four seven and still getting out of bed each day to do what you can.

It is not easy and with a lot of fucking luck and dedication each day passed is another closer to the end!

Coming Soon: A Podcast Interview

I will be recording a podcast interview with A Jerome R Butler! He has had some great topics covered and I look forward to it airing later this year!
Please check out his previous podcasts here if you’re interested! https://anchor.fm/Momentsofgrace/episodes/The-Word-for-Word-Bible-Comic-eb9inb?fbclid=IwAR2vTdNHJdTt5hJ-P19zW2LR5JlGE0aWzfyq5viixF3fLV_2xLvgjF0QMyM

Release the Writer

I have always been a writer, over the years it was on the back burner whenever the urge would boil from within, I could go for days and then fuck all for months or even years at a time. Finding time to focus and make it happen was my enemy. My writing, in which I have now began publishing, did not happen until 2018 when I ended up having my first knee surgery and was cooped up in my house with seven kids and incapable of doing anything about the shit they were doing daily. Tada the So You’re Not Supermom It’s Ok! was born! I needed a release, a fucking outlet to all the struggles that were going on. So, I wrote. My memoir “All the Wrong Love” is my current and most intimate project as a look into my life. In 2019 I had begun to find time to heal and write past traumas, I held deep for over thirty years. This one has taken a lot of honesty, ache, tears and exhaustion but I have never felt truer to myself or better inside. It should come out summer/fall 2020. My biggest inspirations are my kids and the need to heal, but I have also found inspiration in every day situations, people, and friends. We all have something worth saying. My top five tips: Write what suits you, only you know what that is. Every story has worth, you just have to find your audience. Anybody can write, you just have to start and you don’t have to start at the beginning. Some of the best supporters are closest to you. Make time even if it is only a few minutes a day, small progress is still progress. Now that I have mentally decided to focus on my writing more there should be lots to come. So you can expect more fantastic shit to pour from my depths.


First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you beautiful readers for your love and support. Without you this wouldn’t be possible not only have you made a huge impact in my life but my children’s lives as well. Thank you to my children who inspire every piece of work I create, you are truly my inspirations for everything. Thank you to my friends and family who have endured so much with me, you all are fucking amazing.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jess!!! It’s so refreshing knowing that parents go through similar struggles with their kids! Once I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down. Being a step parent sometimes is very difficult but SO rewarding at the same time! I had some good laughs with this book and could definitely relate. Short but sweet and real! Can’t wait for Volume 2…3…4 and so on! I recommend this book to any parent/step parent.

Aliesha Robinson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The author succinctly articulates the life of a busy mother with the most appropriate (explicit) language. She doesn’t just provide you with a glimpse into her crazy life you get the entire rubbernecking experience. I really enjoyed this read and would recommend this read to all new and “well seasoned” parents


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a good book! It’s very interesting to see through the eyes of a mom. Being a single dad of 3 kids is definitely a little easier but shows a lot of the same struggles. I view things from the opposite and I always worry about what everyone else is going to think so its nice to see that things aren’t always perfect and think about life from that angle.The author has a way of telling a story that keeps you interested and wanting to read more. I read the book in one sitting.

Justin Roussell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jess’s honest and open account of motherhood really put into perspective how amazing Moms and parents are! She writes from the heart and leaves no F bomb undropped lol! Knowing what her every days are like and seeing her go back to school, work 3 jobs at once, and still have happy healthy kids at the end of the day is seriously awe inspiring. Having been a classmate of hers I can say she was one of the top performing students in our class, she is proof that nothing should hold you back from a good education! I’m not a Mom myself but I might be a parent one day and this was a very sobering glance of a life with kids lol!! Really enjoyed it and definitely think everyone should check it out!

Lauren Walker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

JN Supermom, mom of seven, bares open her heart to let a large pile of frustrations out as she struggles to cope with the pressure of raising seven kids while going to school and handling two jobs. With wit and honesty, Supermom talks about her own frustrations and captures the struggles faced by every modern mother along with the eccentric and frenzied absurdities of motherhood. Her account makes the reader realize one simple truth: mothers are expected to be selfless or risk being judged by other people. Stressing on the fact that a mother doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, she tells women to stop caring about other people’s opinion and do whatever is best for their kids and themselves. Readers who have dealt with struggles of raising kids single-handedly will recognize and empathize with Supermom’s insightful revelations. This compilation of short rants makes for a sincere, entertaining account of raising kids.

The Prairie Book

Meet My Seven Dwarfs

A good part of my inspiration and world. The order that these have been chosen as to who is who, was done by my older daughter one day! She decided everybody needed to be designated as a dwarf. I’m not sure why but it’s kind of stuck with me. So, I present my Seven Dwarfs:

Dok: My first born a baby boy, the oldest and wisest of them. The one that survived being the guinea pig of a new parent. My first of everything as a parent stitches, hospital and x rays included. The first to not need me and the first to love me

Bash-ful: My second born, another boy. He is the most sensitive loving child ever. Although now that he’s older he’s got a foul mouth. But if you need help, he’ll be the first to offer it!

Dope-y: My third born, a baby girl. My first princess, my nightmare and my dream come true of a daughter. She has a personality like no other. She will tell you how it is and does not take shit from anyone! She is her mother’s daughter!

Sleep-y: My fourth born, another girl. A spitfire from twelve weeks pregnant! She came into the world with attitude and it has only grown since, but this girl loves her sleep. If she doesn’t get it Holy fuck man just walk away!

Happ-y: The fifth born in the order, my stepson. He is a happy go lucky, outgoing soul. He loves to be active; hates being bored and when he is, he’ll annoy the shit out of you!

Grump-y: My fifth born, another boy. This one is special; he came on his own terms (the only one to break my water) and every day since has been on his own terms. This one has wrath nobody wants to fuck with! He will wipe the floor with you!

Sneez-y: My sixth born, another boy. Thank gawd too because by this time I couldn’t handle another girl in the house. This one though is the roughest, toughest, rudest of them all!! Oh yes!! Most of my horror stories will involve him! He has had to survive six older siblings and let me tell you I do not worry about this little shit surviving!

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