It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

What the fuck, I forgot what the fuck Wednesday this morning! That just tells you the kind of week I’ve been having.

I don’t usually forget this shit, it’s my favorite midweek bitch about shit happening. Maybe I’m just getting old, I mean not in age but after six kids the brain is bound to fucking go downhill at some point right?

It was a five a.m. dogs gone crazy fucking wake up today. I thought about going back to bed but figured what’s the point, I’ll just lay there half awake and then feel extra shitty tired when I do have to get up. Coffee, lots of fucking coffee.

The youngest decided this morning he is sick of school, he doesn’t want to go anymore and thinks it should be Christmas tomorrow. He’s in grade fucking three! How is it even possible at that point to hate school? I ask everyday what he did in class and always says nothing. Well what the fuck is there to hate then? I literally had to force the shithead out the door today!

At some point over the time I was away someone left the freezer open, and closed it after some time, everything had 4 inches of ice and freezer burnt. I mean every fucking thing. I had to throw out about three hundred dollars worth of food. So once that got cleaned up it was time to refill.

Refill in this house means cooking, very fucking large batches of chili, stews, soups and all that shit. This means bringing out the monster pot and no fucking time for naps. First batch up chili. I’m ready for bed now.

But, instead of sleep, it’s shopping, chopping, cooking, cooling, freezing, wrapping gifts, cleaning and whatever else I can find to keep busy to stay awake today.

Someone come stir the pot, pick up kids, and clean up my kitchen please. It’s a disaster, always a fucking huge disaster when I cook big. Or if you have coffee I will take that.

Happy exhausting the fuck Wednesday! May your hump be little.

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Well Holy fucking hell. It’s been a while since I’ve released a good day of fuck its! Almost a fucking month actually.

Today is my last day country living. As sad as I am to go back to the crappy ass city, I am so excited to see my babies. The ones without fur and the ones with fur. Fuck it, I might just cry because I can. I hate city living but fucking love my kids.

The daughter has been on such a fucked up sleep schedule for a while. I have no idea how I’m going to fix that shit. Fingers crossed when we get back it will level out. For the last day here fuck it, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

I have almost officially finished all my Christmas shopping! What a fucking gong show that shit was. Order from here, order from there, check tracking after tracking. Today the last package should arrive, thank fuck. If anything got missed fuck it, they can get it next year, I am so over the shopping.

I know it’s early still but I decided fuck it, I’m going to share my rendition of Twas The Night Before Christmas, I just love this shit so much. It is perfect for the shopping season.

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house

Not a thing made noise
Not even, old creaky floors

When all of sudden…..

Stoned, drunk and full…..

In comes santa from the party before!!

Flopping face first onto the couch
Saying please god, no more!

He looks over at his tree
F*ck he forgot his family!

The morning would suck
Going out to pick sh*t up

Hungover over as f*ck
The alarm clock struck

He heard a high pitch beep
And rolled back over to sleep

But dammit, he cant!
Now where the f*ck are his pants

Tripping as he ran out the door
He just had to find an open store

No coffee in hand
Thinking fck this sht man!

Pushing and shoving in lines galore
All to please those who care no more

When does it end? When can he rest?
Maybe when under the tree has no room left!

Merry Soon To Be Christmas Everyone xoxox!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

The midweek mayhem day that never really seems to be gentle. Whether it be emotions, children, people or otherwise, it’s a fucking shit show day!

I woke this morning to realize my time in the country is again almost up. I am headed back to the city and all its glorious bullshit. Totally not a fucking fan of that.

Especially as with it comes another lockdown I was just told. Four weeks of it this time around to start. I worry for my kids’ education and mental health. They are not meant to be cooped up with no fucking socialization.

Then I was told Christmas is canceled? I’m not sure why people keep this saying shit. Do people actually feel it’s about what you get that fucking matters? Yes it may be bare minimum this year for so very many but if you are still healthy and your kids are healthy that is the greatest Christmas ever!

What the fuck Wednesday? Any other fucking bullshit you want to throw at me? There’s no way I’m about to let you ruin my good mood today!

This mama just got accepted last night to go back to school again in the new year! Fifth time’s a charm right? Isn’t that the saying? Haha.

Don’t let your hump day hump you wrong! Take what you get and roll with it until Fuck It Friday!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Humpity, hump, hump, humpity, hump, hump, over the hill we gooooooo! Welcome to the weeks what the fuck hump! It’s dashing through the door.

This week is brought to you by……. time! Oh the one thing we never truly have enough of and we take for fucking granted.

Today I woke semi early, realizing that my oldest baby just had his high school graduation photos done! Fucking high school graduation. He will be eighteen in May and has almost fucking officially become an adult.

Where has the time gone? He started out as just this itty bitty cute little peanut (his official mama nickname) and soon I will release him into the world.

Now I wonder have I prepared him well enough? Have I taught him right? Have I made him strong enough and kind enough to endure the world? Have I….? have I….? They are endless.

The honest fucking truth of it is, I have no idea! Not a single fucking clue! There is no way of knowing any of it and my time with him will soon be limited as he begins work, being on his own and just life in general as it tends to get busy once you’re an adult.

At this point all I can do now is wait and see. Make sure I am there when he needs me and always continue to support him in any way possible.

Time, time has gotten away from me over the years, I dont even fucking know where it has gone. Make the most of your time with whomever you have before it widdles to fuck all.

What the fuck Wednesday! Why do you have to drudge up the emotions of this shit right now! Yes I’m feeling sentimental and some empty nest syndrome bullshit! I’m allowed, I think haha.

Blogger Recognition Award!

I have so very much love and respect for the amazing Beauty of Cafe not only for nominating me but for always showing so much fucking love and support towards me and the shit that spews out.If there ever was a year to be grateful for the little things it’s this one.

You want the low down on the goods from local and small business owners for wonderful products them go smash her follow button. For real you won’t regret that shit.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you & provide a link to their site
  2. Do a blog post about this award
  3. Give a brief summary about how you started your blog
  4. Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger
  5. Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  6. Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them & provide them with your link to your post


Well, the honest answer? I like to have a place where I can vent frustrations of raising my kids. It’s not easy, every parent knows that and it’s even fucking harder when you feel so alone struggling to do it.


It doesn’t fucking matter what you write about as long as you are true to yourself. Every word is worth it someone, you just have to find your audience.


Before the year ends what would you like to accomplish? Four more reviews on my books 9r even just one review on my memoir. I have no idea why but it seems like a set of numbers I can reach. At least I fucking hope.

Would you change from your current niche? If so why? Hell no, never! That’s not even a thought, the reason I wouldn’t? I’ve been raising kids nearly eighteen fucking years now and still have another eleven to go! I’m going to need this shit to stay sane haha!

One thing you would do better next time? There’s never just one thing to do better! Speaking from a parental point of view I’m always a work in progress on so many damn levels.

What have you learned from your blogging friends? Supporting others is essential. If you cannot support them do not expect them to support your ass.

What is your favorite tool to use for blogging? I love, the wordpress mobile app! I mean sometimes it’s a piece of shit and posts the same post like ten times but it is accessible and easy to use.

Your favorite skincare product? I actually don’t use skin products or anything, I wear make-up like twice a year only because I’m super fucking lazy. If I had to pick one that I know people around me use it would Olay! I’m told it’s fucking fabulous.

QUESTIONS?? How you get your followers to interact? What drives your blog? Do you struggle with content? If you do how do you get over it? What is the focus goal for your blog? What’s your favorite drinks?


Life. Sucks. Laugh. Here

Just Write Right

My Alter Ego and Me

Meli’s Book Reviews

Ranting Ravens

Raised By Wolves

Well I suck ass, I don’t have fifteen to nominate, hhmmmm. Time to start following more blogs I think.

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Dingggg….Dongggg….ding, dong, ding dong, ding, dong….oh yeah it is ringing in like an annoying child playing ding, dong ditch at the fucking door. What The Fuck Wednesday arrives! Early fucking morning!

It was a peaceful sleep being had until I could begin to hear a noise like a door bell. Slowly getting louder, louder, and fucking louder. Eyes barely even open, rolling around trying to figure out what the fuck it was.

A little light begins to glow from below the edge of the bed. Reaching down in the dark to grab……..

A tablet! The nine year olds tablet to be exact. With an alarm for five fucking A.M.!!! Going off like a fucking doorbell!! Yes five in the early fucking morning.

Now, this would be okay if said child actually needed to be up or if I needed to be up but neither is the fucking case. He just decided he would randomly set an alarm for this time because he fucking could. He wanted to not sleep all morning but had the wrong time.

You fucking think! Like there’s no way he needs to ever be up that early even with school. Which is now a whole new what the fuck!

The provincial government has decided children will again do remote learning. While I’m not against this per say for those who can make it fucking work. For me? I fucking fail it! Like hard!

I am not a fucking teacher and know that. There’s reasons for that. I feel as though my kids will be lacking in so much education by the end of this that there will be no catching up.

What the fuck Wednesday! Anything else this week you want to throw in? Maybe some good news? A sleep in day? Anything that doesn’t suck ass would be fanfuckintastic!

Someone send me back to bed, I am too tired and miserable for this shit! Java! Lots and lots of java followed by a nap!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Happy fucking hump day! It’s mid week yet again and what’s that?……..

Silence! There’s nothing! Not a fucking noise around me. Not a fucking thing to do this morning.

I know, I’m a shocked as you all are. It’s like a blissful bubble of silent security has been placed over my teeny tiny world and nobody can pop that shit!

I’m back out in the beautiful countryside of Manitoba close to what Canadians have deemed winterpig (Winnipeg) as it gets fucking cold here. Not just a little cold but can hit like minus fifty Celsius.

The difference being here this time is I only have two babies hanging with me and they are both semi self sufficient little shits. So that means this mama gets to relax, enjoy morning coffees and nap every fucking day!

What The Fuck? I don’t think I want to get used to this shit. I may never return to the chaos my life holds on the daily.

Ohhhh who am I kidding, as much as I enjoy this, I miss my babies who are back home unable to drive me to the brink of fucking insanity!

I just love them so much, no matter what shit they do! How can I not? They are all I’ve known for nearly eighteen years.

For now though, I’ll enjoy some down time, doing fuck all and catching up on those years of sleep I’ve so much lacked on.

Happy What The Fuck Wednesday! May your hump be small enough to step over to continue the remaining days of the week.

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Well actually it is a what the fuck Wednesday, fuck it friday! It’s been a long fucking week so I am rolling up a dual shot here.

What the fuck Wednesday this week was a bust! It is the first time I’ve missed doing the post but it was for reason’s out of respect for our dearly remembered who without them I would not even be able to post the shit I do!

Soooo onto the Fuck it Friday fuck it list! Ohhhhhh boy the love I have for this day of the week will never fucking disappear.

The youngest this morning refused to get out of bed. Yelling at me he was cold, no it wasn’t because the heat isn’t on. Turns out at some point throughout the night he stripped himself naked. Butt fucking naked, and for some reason we could not find said clothes the little shit stripped off! Where the fuck do clothes disappear too in a room. Only the holy fucking know in this house. So fuck it, off I go to find new ones so he can get his naked little ass out of bed and get ready for school. *sigh*

Alright, he’s up. Fights to take his pill, now unfortunately this is not one I can say fuck it to. He cannot be without it, so the fight for that shit continued.

Breakfast, this was a fucking futile endeavor, he does not want this, does not want that, he’s too fucking tired to chew! Yup, too tired to fucking chew, fuck it! He doesn’t want to eat this morning I’m going to send him to school with something in hand. At least it gives him the option to swallow the shit.

Fuck, as I’m writing this, I have just realized this is accurately a what the Wednesday and fuck it Friday literally fucking rolled into one! Fuck!

Just Fuck it! Fuck it all. Enjoy a day where you just drop the fucking ball and do not bend over to pick that shit up!

Happy fuck it Friday!

Shameless Self Promo Saturday!

My favorite fucking day of the week! Even though I’ve not had much time lately to keep up, sometimes my brain just writes shit all on its own and then I have to share it.

So here we go, when life gets to a point that we find others no longer serve us, we let go. Now letting go isn’t fucking easy and we wish sometimes it was.

Choices! Life is all about fucking choices! We make them, we live with them. No matter what.

I just wanted you there…….

I just wanted you there
To tell me it is ok
That I am doing what’s right
Supporting me through this
Holding me at night

I just wanted you there
To wipe away the tears
That flow to no end
Making me feel safe
Through this life’s bend

I just wanted you there
Nothing less or more
But you couldn’t see
Why I had to do this
It wasn’t for me

I just wanted you there
Being selfless for us
We needed the love and light
Not your jealous hate
You darkened us like a blanket of night

I just wanted you there
Walking beside me
So when the veil finally lifts
Your regret will set in
You’ve lost these gifts

Happy Shameless Self Promo Saturday! Feel free to drop your shit!

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well fuck! Another wonderful hump day, humping in the non fun way! I should’ve instantly known the day but honestly they all kind of melt together these days!

I was up at four forty-four in the fucking morning. Who the fuck gets up that early? There’s no need to be! But all of a sudden my eyes pop open and boom! Wide a fucking wake. I laid my big ass down trying to sleep again but no go! Extra caffiene today please.

Then there was the wake up! We have been back home since Sunday and the youngest is back in school while here. Of course he is his miserable self and waking his ass up is just as fun.

He yells from his room he doesn’t want to be up. Then runs to the couch and throws himself down. Yells he’s starving but refuses to say what he wants. Tells me he isn’t changing his clothes or going to school. Oh yes, the morning routine with him is back to normal. How I fucking missed that shit! *sarcasm*

Older kids arrive from their dads for school prep. Dogs are going fucking nuts and youngest joins in barking back at them. Apparently he is telling them to shut up in dog language! I don’t know if that’s fucking accurate but it’s annoying as ever! At least he has now occupied himself with his tablet until he leaves.

Man oh man, what the fuck Wednesday! The only good thing you got going for me so far today is my new tattoo! Which I am so looking forward to. There is no better therapy in my life!

Happy what the fuck Wednesday. I hope yours has kicked off better than mine! If not, get up and kick its fucking ass. You can do it!

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