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Here you can find links to podcasts & interviews that I have had the pleasure of being apart of! And last but not least reviews of my books!

Podcasts & Author Interviews

Moments of Grace Podcast

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Moments of Grace hosted by the amazing Dr. A Jerome Butler. We chatted about my journey, parenting and So You’re Not Supermom….It’s OK!

Have a listen here: Moments Of Grace Interview

Triangle Media Author Spotlight

Hosted by the fabulous Suzanne Lynn with Triangle Media. We chatted about my book So You’re Not Supermom….It’s OK! The reason behind it and it came to be.

Watch the video here: Author Spotlight

With co-author Julia Strange we had the pleasure of speaking with Harrison at 100.9 The Eagle Okotoks Online. Parent’s Survival Guide- Keeping Your Sh*t Together is one amazing workbook.

Read the full article here: 100.9 The Eagle Okotoks Online

My wonderful co-author Julia Strange spoke with Brittney at CTV Morning Live about Parent’s Survival Guide- Keeping Your Sh*t Together workbook.

View the full segment here: Workbook For Parents

Julia & I have a newly released interview published. We had the pleasure of speaking with Halen of the Calgary Citizen.

View the full segment here: Calgary friends co-author a workbook to help parents with special needs children

Julia (my amazing co-author) & I had the pleasure of speaking with Su-Ling at Global Edmonton about Parent’s Survival Guide.

View the full segment here: Parent survival guide for special needs

Indie Book Butler

“IBB: How did your book come about? Was it always your dream to write about parenting?

Honestly no, I never thought I would write the stories I have. It came about after a knee injury that required surgery. My children literally took over the house and I was limited to what I could about it. So, my outlet became writing about all the mess parenting can be. A year later I required a second knee surgery, being stuck unable to do anything again I took it as a sign I had to share my words.”

Full interview here: Indie Book Butler Interview

Professional Reviews

Prairies Book Review


Deemed to be….Candid and hilarious…

“JN Supermom, mom of seven, bares open her heart to let a large pile of frustrations out as she struggles to cope with the pressure of raising seven kids while going to school and handling two jobs.”

Full review here: Prairies Book Review

Online Book Club


“My favourite thing about this book was the way that the author really glorified normalcy over the fake “ideal life” that they show on TV and social media. She was brave enough to share some of the most personal parts of her parenthood, which I think brings a sense of comfort to the reader in that they are not alone in their struggles and imperfections.” -WILDFERN

Full review here: Online Book Club

Melinas Book Reviews


“I love reading this book because it’s a no hold back account on what it’s like to be the mother of seven children while holding down two jobs and it’s absolutely positively hilarious.
I’m not a mother so I don’t know what it’s like to be in her shoes raising kids, and you don’t have to agree with her or her ways, this is just her story and this book is her way of talking about it and I love it.”

Full review here: Melinas Book Review

Customer Reviews


Jess!!! It’s so refreshing knowing that parents go through similar struggles with their kids! Once I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down. Being a step parent sometimes is very difficult but SO rewarding at the same time! I had some good laughs with this book and could definitely relate. Short but sweet and real! Can’t wait for Volume 2…3…4 and so on! I recommend this book to any parent/step parent.



The author succinctly articulates the life of a busy mother with the most appropriate (explicit) language. She doesn’t just provide you with a glimpse into her crazy life you get the entire rubbernecking experience. I really enjoyed this read and would recommend this read to all new and “well seasoned” parents

R. Cook


This is a good book! It’s very interesting to see through the eyes of a mom. Being a single dad of 3 kids is definitely a little easier but shows a lot of the same struggles. I view things from the opposite and I always worry about what everyone else is going to think so its nice to see that things aren’t always perfect and think about life from that angle.The author has a way of telling a story that keeps you interested and wanting to read more. I read the book in one sitting.



Jess’s honest and open account of motherhood really put into perspective how amazing Moms and parents are! She writes from the heart and leaves no F bomb undropped lol! Knowing what her every days are like and seeing her go back to school, work 3 jobs at once, and still have happy healthy kids at the end of the day is seriously awe inspiring. Having been a classmate of hers I can say she was one of the top performing students in our class, she is proof that nothing should hold you back from a good education! I’m not a Mom myself but I might be a parent one day and this was a very sobering glance of a life with kids lol!! Really enjoyed it and definitely think everyone should check it out!



This super mom is a super writer-can’t wait for your next book!!!

I purchased both books – Just finished both and I have to say that I loved them!! So real and honest and I found a little bit of me on each page! Now, I don’t have 7 kids like JNSUPERMOM (and yes, she really is) but everything was relatable and fun to read!! I’m anxious for MORE!!! I found this beautiful soul on Tik tok and have followed her since- you should do the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Find more customer reviews here: Goodreads Customer Reviews

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