It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, fuck that I am going to float today! This hump day is going to be long and trying. I know this already. How? Well, let me fucking tell you. I got up at five, yup, no real reason just wide awake. That’s clue number 1. Fuck I need moreContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Dingggg….Dongggg….ding, dong, ding dong, ding, dong….oh yeah it is ringing in like an annoying child playing ding, dong ditch at the fucking door. What The Fuck Wednesday arrives! Early fucking morning! It was a peaceful sleep being had until I could begin to hear a noise like a door bell. Slowly getting louder, louder, andContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Come aboard the train where you can say fuck it to anything and everything you want. There’s no judgement here none of us give a fuck either! This week I had to take my kids school shopping, on a good day I fucking hate shopping, I have now been to a store more times inContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”

It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

That’s right people! Mid week bullshit is in the works! Yay fucking hump day where all the what the fucks come to out play. This day is starting out fanfuckintastic lol. Kid sleeping on the couch, other kids havent slept yet and I am going to be late for work. Not because I slept in,Continue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

What a Whirlwind!

These last days and weeks have been absolutely fucking insane! My head is still spinning. The out pour of support and love towards my creative vulgar ranting has been so much I think I have floated to cloud nine too many fucking times now to return. Nervous as fuck I went and did a podcastContinue reading “What a Whirlwind!”