It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Ahhhhh yes, the hump in the week that is always challenging, annoying and exhausting! The day that continues to be a state of what the fuck. Last night when I fell asleep around midnight the boys were still up, in true fashion of me my mid-morning bathroom run was about four thirty. Wouldn’t you fuckingContinue reading “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!”

It’s Fuck It Friday!

Standing in the far right corner weighing in at the end of the long week…..Fffffuuuuccccckkkk iiitttt…in the far left corner weighing in…Fffrrriiidddaaayyyy!!!!! ***applause*** That’s right! Let them get together for Fuck It Friday! The only day you can forget all the shit you have not done and just chill. Well, it fucking snowed in ManitobaContinue reading “It’s Fuck It Friday!”