Meet My Seven Dwarfs

A good part of my inspiration and world. The order that these have been chosen as to who is who, was done by my older daughter one day! She decided everybody needed to be designated as a dwarf. I’m not sure why but it’s kind of stuck with me. So, I present my Seven Dwarfs:

Dok: My first born a baby boy, the oldest and wisest of them. The one that survived being the guinea pig of a new parent. My first of everything as a parent stitches, hospital and x rays included. The first to not need me and the first to love me

Bash-ful: My second born, another boy. He is the most sensitive loving child ever. Although now that he’s older he’s got a foul mouth. But if you need help, he’ll be the first to offer it!

Dope-y: My third born, a baby girl. My first princess, my nightmare and my dream come true of a daughter. She has a personality like no other. She will tell you how it is and does not take shit from anyone! She is her mother’s daughter!

Sleep-y: My fourth born, another girl. A spitfire from twelve weeks pregnant! She came into the world with attitude and it has only grown since, but this girl loves her sleep. If she doesn’t get it Holy fuck man just walk away!

Happ-y: The fifth born in the order, my stepson. He is a happy go lucky, outgoing soul. He loves to be active; hates being bored and when he is, he’ll annoy the shit out of you!

Grump-y: My fifth born, another boy. This one is special; he came on his own terms (the only one to break my water) and every day since has been on his own terms. This one has wrath nobody wants to fuck with! He will wipe the floor with you!

Sneez-y: My sixth born, another boy. Thank gawd too because by this time I couldn’t handle another girl in the house. This one though is the roughest, toughest, rudest of them all!! Oh yes!! Most of my horror stories will involve him! He has had to survive six older siblings and let me tell you I do not worry about this little shit surviving!

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