It’s Fuck It Friday!

This one is brought to you by the letter S. The word of the day is Sleepless. Yes sleepless as it has been a sleepless fucking night.

Youngest boy refused to sleep last night, up, down, hungry, playing, drinks, bathroom, you fucking name it he had it all covered. To this moment he still has not passed out, I wish I had half his fucking energy. I figured for sure he would be in lala land by now, but nope, his ADHD is strong and going hard since yesterday. I even tried melatonin which usually does the trick except last night.

So fuck it Friday is equal to absolutely nothing getting done and naps!

Oh there will be naps today outside of that my demeanor truly is fuck it!

I have both clean and dirty laundry piled but fuck it. Dishes that require to be unloaded and loaded into the dishwasher but fuck it. Bathrooms that need to be cleaned but fuck it. Meals that need to be cooked tonight but fuck it.

It’s a long weekend and all that shit can wait and food can be ordered, thank god that is still available to me. This mama is on a fuck it Friday roll and I have no shame in it after a long week of work, kids and cooking.

What are you going to say fuck it to on this lovely, long weekend Friday?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Fuck It Friday!

  1. Hi love, Thank God I washed my pile of clothes yesterday, cleaned the house so today I can relax a bit. But I have to keep the kids busy because otherwise you couldn’t relax one bit. And oh don’t want to cook..thank to the Lord that my fiance prepares the meals from friday to sunday and sometimes during the week!


    1. You are so very lucky.. I’ve gone back to work fulltime so things have been neglected and with 7 I can’t keep up on the regular anyway, plus I am just too fucking tired so it can wait and food can be delivered 😊…I hope you have a wonderful long weekend

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      1. Thank you:) I haven’t started yet with working but as soon as I start full time I’m sure I will be tired as heck!

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