It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Well well today’s hump actually doesn’t seem to be any bigger than a road bump! What the fuck is happening!

Kids got up, rhere was no fighting! No yelling! No screaming! And no f bombs dropped from any of them! The did not argue to change clothes, eat, get out the door or anything! This portal of calm is scary shit!

My youngest boy is on the mends for his health issues, thankfully, he has put four pounds on alreay which means we can now go up a little on his new medication! What a fucking hump this has been to deal with! Kind of like when you go to climb a mountain and all seems well then there an avalanche taking you out! Yup good fucking times.

I finally ended and won the up hill battle with kindle on book three! I swear I never had an issue in the almost four fucking years I’ve been publishing until December. Now almost every fucking time I am arguing my pen name with them! Maybe they will get there shit back together soon!

I got my second oldest boys graduation proofs! I am so proud, sad and every fucking feeling in between about this! I cannot believe this is it for him. He is my little bubba! Emotions are on an uphill over this shit!

This week has been the first hitch of shifts where hubby is gone! It’s been rough, funny how we get used to things and then when they are disrupted you kind of lose a portion of yourself! Mental health has a huge fucking battle for me this week! Fingers crossed it gets easier otherwise….well who the fuck knows!

I want every Wednesday continue this way! Even with the whole emotional, mental health shit, it’s been an easier than some day!

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