It’s Fuck It Friday!

Dundaladadun….if you tried reading that word kudos to you, I didn’t even know how to spell that shit! But it’s Fuck It Friday so, fuck it, I will just leave it.

Welcome to wonderful day of the week where you can say fuck it along with me. This weeks fuck it list consists of:……..

Hubby coming home last night from work asking if I accomplished the laundry he kindly asked me to do so he wouldn’t be going naked today. Nope I sure as shit did not, he ended up doing it himself last night, today I’ll probably say fuck it too. Clothes are overrated right?

My house has substantially started to stay cleaner as the boys aide enforces chores twice a week. So those dishes left from last night? Fuck it, the little shits can complete them today.

My garage is getting full of wonderful dangles and stumps of creation, I am told I will have to start giving some away as my husbands man cave has now been taken over by me. I would rather sell them as I have no income but nobody wants that crap. Fuck it, if anyone is interested in a piece get in touch.

Book sales have still been low, it sucks monkey balls, it is not about the money I just want people to enjoy the shit. Fuck it, they are free to download this weekend on amazon kindle and free on kindle unlimited regularly. Go get the shit, everyone likes free.

I got up super early today as my dogs woke me to go out. I thought about going back to bed but, you guessed it! Fuck it, I made coffee and watched the sunrise. It was fucking gorgeous.

Now I am off to find other things to say fuck it to! Ahhhhh how amazing Fuck It Friday makes me feel. Have a wonderful fucking day and drop me your fuck it list this week.

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