It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Anyone else on the tippy fucking top of the wonderful roller coaster that what the fuck Wednesday provides? If you need a ride hit me up cuz today is one that could use company.

For starters, I literally just now plunked my ass on the couch to write this and my coffee cup tipped and now my ass crack is burning, yup coffee straight down the crack, don’t ask how this is what wednesday does. *insert major fucking eye roll*

But let’s get to the morning before that little treat!

I have company in my house staying for a bit, I also have two dogs, whom I think are fucking broken, said company has been here for a few days now and you would think the fucking idiots would recognize her! But nope, the poor girl no matter what she tries or does in the house they go fucking nuts. She tried to take a pee at 3:30 am and they went fucking crazy, barking, snarling, you name it. I dont think they are like normal dogs who recognize by scent, fucking dud sniffers around here.

Alright, dealt with that shit, let’s wake with a fucking headache after what little sleep I did receive last night, yay! One coffee in, meditate and time to wake the brats to get ready for school. The youngest was up late, in and out saying he couldn’t sleep and down right fucking miserable this morning. This is going to be fun (sarcasm out the ass in case you didn’t realize lol.)

He comes out yelling at me to get him cereal, then refused to take his pill and told me was not going to school. As fucking if, that kid was going whether he wanted to or not and since he did not want to everything was a battle.

Heres me: eat your food, take your pill, sit down, pack your lunch (literally this means throw it in your lunch bag), go change, stop bugging the dogs, are you done eating?, why havent your changed, get socks, you need a sweater, you need shoes, you need your bag, where is your mask, and on and fucking on!

Heres him: I want more food (he isn’t done the first round), I don’t want to take my pill (yeah that shit is not happening), I cant sit cuz I’m too tired (that’s his own fault for fucking around half the night), I can’t find my lunch bag (it was literally in his backpack), I’m not changing, I’m wearing my onesie to school (as cute as it looks he would die from heat, its fuzzy), the dogs are bugging me (as he sits on the border collies head I’m supposed to believe that shit), no I cant eat there is not enough (bowl still half full of cereal), I cant find clothes (nearly $2000 was just spend on new clothes in this fucking house, figure that one out), I don’t have any socks (2 brand new packs just bought, all missing), my sweater is dirty (kid owns like 6 fucking sweaters), my shoes are gone (took me fifteen fucking minutes to find them, in his room, under his bed, not where they fucking belong), my bags too heavy I don’t want to wear it (it’s about 3lbs in weight), I lost my masks (I knew this shit was going to happen and I have like twenty extra thank gawd).

Finally, out the fucking door! Is that enough for one morning?

Apparently not, there is then the I want front, I want window, I don’t want to go, had to pretty much kick his ass out the car, I love him but he was not fucking staying home. I truly wish his teacher good luck today!

Back home, sit down and well you already know that part. at this point I just want to go back to bed except I need to go get some groceries!

Fingers crossed that shit goes better than the morning so far.

Happy mother fucking hump day all, remember if you need a ride up the roller coaster hit me up, i can attach extra cars for you.

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3 thoughts on “It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

  1. Hey Jess🌸💕 I have the same routine in the morning especially with my youngest.. its a hassle😑 sometimes I think like wtf is this happening to me? Why Lord..why?! But also can’t be without them..its a everyday thing!


    1. Exactly…I love the little shit although he drives me crazy…he is adhd, odd, dmdd and has educational delays, some days are others are just wtf! Especially Wednesday, haven’t figured it out yet why haha…one day at time

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