It’s Fuck It Friday!

OOOOHHHHHH! by the grace of the universe I survived this chaotic bullshit week and arrived upon my fave day! The day I accept the fact it sucked, I am exhausted, it was shear chaos and nothing got fucking accomplished. Yay for Fuck It Friday!

Wednesday my boys worker survived their crazy ass’s and in less than three hours she was able to accomplish more with them than I can in two weeks. I am more than grateful to her for helping, and to the fact my kids do nothing when I ask I say fuck it. kids always seem to be better for others and I am just thankful the worker is still alive after them lol.

Thursday was chaos but work chaos, absolutely fucking insane, i mean it always is a shit show, but the shit show needs a new take! So to this I have decided educating myself again is in the best interest of me. So fuck it I am registering to go back to school again. For the sixth fucking time.

Friday the fuck it all day. Aside from saying fuck it about sucking at getting my kids to do shit and fuck it to my job and going back to school, everything that has not been accomplished is on my fuck it list as I take off for a night Saturday with a couple friends to celebrate and camp!

Husband=fuck it, ditching him with kids, kids=fuck it, ditching them with husband, dirty house=fuck it, nobody visits during covid anyway, laundry=fuck it, I can camp naked, not that others would enjoy this but I definitely would.

Yes Fuck it Friday! It is the most relaxing, releasing day of the week! Let yourself say fuck it, bask in the fucking glory and just be. you survived, you deserve it! Enjoy!

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