It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

Starting off with a big fuck you Wednesday! Like for real, what the fuck?

I got woke up every two fucking hours last night from my dogs. Apparently there was a skunk out there, plus side, neither of them got sprayed. Phew! That shit is nasty, I’ve dealt with that already.

Then, I get up and the dog tore up the fucking recycling, it was everywhere. I hadn’t even gone to make coffee yet. Got that shit cleaned up. Is it over?

Ok, one coffee had, made the boys lunch, got his meds laid out. Head to get dressed, come back up, meds spilled everywhere. Fuck! Redo time.

Youngest wakes, Holy fucking hell. He is a miserable little shit today. He is also on two extra meds for antibiotics as his ear got stitched back together friday. He is not a fan of liquid meds, at all. It’s near fucking impossible to have him take them. Over an hour to get them down and in the middle of him fucking around to take them, he spills a full litre of iced tea on the floor.

I mean it was up the fucking walls, the coffee table, across the entire living room. Like it fucking exploded. So, clean that up, meds in, late for school! Fuck!

I still have to get groceries, but wait! I don’t have my fucking card to do it. Of course I don’t because it’s what the fuck Wednesday! Finally get the card, now I have to pick up my mom and take her to five fucking stores!

Yes five, don’t ask why, it’s just how she shops! It’s exhausting, I’m fucking exhausted and it’s only nine in the fucking morning!

Fuck you, what the fuck Wednesday, fuck you!

Thanks for coming to my bullshit rant! Hope your day is great!

Published by JN Supermom


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