It’s What The Fuck Wednesday!

I had hiiigh hopes, I had hiiigh hopes, high apple pie in the fucking sky hopes, until the kids were awake!

The universal energy has finally realigned to full fledge assholeism (yah it might not be a word but I’m going to use the shit).

It started out decent, I was up way too fucking early but slept sort of decent, hard to sleep well with the knee the way it is but coffee was consumed in silence and the sunrise was gorgeous.

Since the last few Wednesday’s were decent I was like fuck yeah I got this shit. It’s going to be a good fucking day. WRONG! So fucking wrong!

Left to take hubby to work and older boy calls, “mom is he allowed candy” speaking of the youngest! “Fuck no! It’s not even eight in the morning” “well he won’t put it back” he gives the youngest the phone “put the fucking candy away, you are not having sugar this early or before school”

Get home, youngest hasn’t changed his clothes, hasn’t left the couch and the second I get in it’s “give me my fucking tablet back, mom he took my tablet” “well have you changed? Have you got ready for school? Have you…have you…” of course I knew he hadn’t before he even answered no. “Yeah, you can have your tablet, after you get fucking ready”

Insert twenty minute screaming tantrum of I can’t change, I can’t find clothes, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I want candy in my lunch, blah fucking blah blah!

So after doing everything for him and making sure it got done even getting to the car was a struggle, on the drive he proceeds to ask why he can’t have candy! Are you fucking kidding me! Listing all the things he did just in a minimal amount of time his reply? Well what about after school? *sigh* I cant speak for that as it will depend on the attitude given then.

What The Fuck Wednesday? We were on such good terms there for a while, why you gotta go do me like that?

I think I will retreat back to hiding, alone in silence for day! Maybe I will consume some green beer tonight, 🍺 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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