It’s Fuck It Friday!

Come aboard the train where you can say fuck it to anything and everything you want. There’s no judgement here none of us give a fuck either!

This week I had to take my kids school shopping, on a good day I fucking hate shopping, I have now been to a store more times in a week than I do regularly in a month. Combined almost three grand later they are ready. The problem is they couldn’t fucking try anything on. So some items didn’t fit, my thought? Fuck it! They have more than enough now to last a while whatever didn’t fit will be given to their friends or they can buy more when at the malls with friends. I am not going shopping again any time soon.

I have now officially hand cut, hand sewed about thirty-five or so masks for their return to school. If I divide that by seven that’s five each. Hopefully my math is right, I fucking suck at math. If I have faith that they can keep one without losing it for a whole fucking week. That’s a month supply per kid. Do I continue to slave away sewing them? Fuck it, today I will break from it and label shit for their return.

There is laundry, dishes, cleaning and cooking to do still today, well everyday fucking day actually but since I have been doing so much all week already and it’s Friday, ohhhhhh you guessed it, fuck it. That shit can wait, it will still be there tomorrow as there’s no little fairies who’s going to come do it.

This is the last weekend before school begins. I honestly thought somedays I would never fucking see this again but it’s here and this mama is excited and nervous. My kids need the social, structure and help aspect for education. This mama is no teacher, I bombed that fucking endeavor early into covid. Fuck it, I will not be so hard on myself about it, I tried, they passed. That’s all I could have hoped for.

It’s only seven in the morning and my fuck it list is on a roll. Man I fucking love fuck it Friday. Feels so good.

Come say fuck it! You won’t regret it. Shit you might even enjoy it. Drop your fuck it list on any of my socials and here, it’s good to cleanse the soul.

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